Given the scale of this new early learning center, and as an Odyssey Charter School tenant, the project team wants to ensure that the project successfully delivers its quality, programmatic and business commitments from its first day of operations.  During the spring 2018 enrollment campaign, the school did not achieve its early adopter enrollment target of 100 students to ensure a successful launch for the fall of 2018.  As such, and to ensure that the program delivers against the above-mentioned commitments, the management team decided to postpone the launch by 12 months.

The project team plans to complete the fit-out of the building by early 2019, so that the proposed Reggio-inspired environment can be presented to prospective parents.  We are ever mindful that knowing where their children will “live” during the day is a very important decision-making data point for many parents.  It is our goal to have every parent interested in using Ithaka experience the environment before making a commitment to the Early Learning Center.

The normal hours of operation will be between 7:00am and 6:00pm

In the first phase of the project, starting in the fall of 2019, the center will serve children ages 24 to 60 months (+), ensuring that pre-kindergartners that do not meet the state’s September 1 cut-off date have a school to attend.

No.  The center will offer an income-based, sliding fee scale, available on this website.  Once licensed by the state’s Office of Childcare Licensing, it will also seek approval to receive Purchase of Care (POC) payments from eligible families.

An assessment of the transportation needs of enrolled families will occur prior to opening, and a decision on whether to offer such services should be made during the summer of 2019.

A number of reasons, among many, led the project leadership team to choose the Reggio approach as its pedagogical philosophy.

  1. A Reggio inspired education is steeped in years of interdisciplinary research and is, first and foremost, centrally focused on the capabilities of ALL children. They are not viewed in isolation but in relation with the family, other children, the teachers, the environment of the school, the community, and the wider society. In such an environment, children are ensured an active voice in their educational journey and ongoing meaningful opportunities to construct understanding about the world.
  2. It fundamentally believes that all children are smart, curious, inquisitive and capable of performing complex work.
  3. It reflects and embraces the local context in which the philosophy will be engaged in. In the case of the Ithaka ELC, it is the developing and growing environment of a global education experience being created, through the leadership of Odyssey Charter School’s board of directors, at the school’s Barley Mill Plaza campus.

There is a commitment to education in and with community.  This foments a dialectic dialogue at the earliest possible ages and is central in the development of critical thinking and problem solving in a 21st century society.

As mentioned above, parental and community engagement in the life of a Reggio-inspired school are critical to its long-term success, educationally and as a community.

No.  Enrollment at the two schools is determined by the state’s Charter School law, and by the preferences defined in each school’s charter.  Families will be most welcome to entertain applications for kindergarten at the schools should they be interested in having their children continue their educational journeys on the campus.  Acceptance will be defined by each school’s enrollment processes.

Please reach out to us via the Contact page on the website.  Someone will reach out to you within 48 hours of receipt of the inquiry.